Stay & Play Sessions at Hampden Children’s Centre and St Pancras Community Association


Children love stories and sharing a story with your baby or child helps their brain to develop and helps with early language skills.

“There can be few things as powerful as regularly reading to a young child. It has astonishing benefits for children: comfort and reassurance, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun. Giving a child time and full attention when reading them a story tells them they matter. It builds:

Yet fewer than half of 0–2-year-olds are read to every day or nearly every day by their parents.” – Literacy trust.

Joining your local library is a really cost-effective way of always having fun new and exciting books to share and enjoy. You can borrow up to 20 books for 3 weeks – that’s one story a night! There’s often lots of fun events for you and your child such as the free Rhyme Time Sessions.


Anyone can join Camden libraries. It’s free to join and to borrow books.

Find your local library here

To get started just fill in the online joining form here .

When you have completed the form, the system will give you a temporary membership ID.

To borrow e-books, e-audio and e-magazines from our Digital library or to use our library computers or borrow books, you need to bring your:


Proof of address and photo ID

We accept these as proof of address:

We accept these as photo ID:

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