Stay & Play Sessions at Hampden Children’s Centre and St Pancras Community Association


Baby Feeding Team

Best Start for Baby and You Help with baby feeding with the Camden Baby Feeding Team We offer information and support to mums, dads and carers while you are pregnant and after baby is born. We can help you over the phone, online, meet you at a children’s centre or visit you at home.You can join […]

Weaning and introducing your baby to solid foods

Introducing solid foods is a hugely exciting time for your baby’s learning and development, it’s a time of experimentation and fun for you both, as you introduce your baby to new foods, tastes and textures for the first time.  You may find that the floor, you and your baby all get sprayed with food, but that’s fine, you’re just getting started and it’s all part of your weaning journey together!     […]

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