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PayPoint, which runs energy top-up facilities in some 28,000 shops, says only 53% of the 800,000 vouchers it issued in October have been redeemed so far. Meanwhile, the Post Office, which is the only other provider processing vouchers under the Government’s support scheme, says 40% of eligible customers are yet to redeem their first £66 vouchers.


What you should receive:

October 2022 £66

November 2022 £66

December 2022 £67

January 2022 £67

February 2022 £67

March 2022 £67


How do I know if I have received my vouchers?

Your vouchers may come by post, text message or email so check all three or you may get an automatic credit when you go to top-up.


Vouchers expire three months after they’re issued – so remember to use them in time

If you’ve decided to keep  your vouchers to redeem later, remember that most meters can only hold up to around £250 of energy credit at a time. To avoid them expiring use them as they arrive.


How do I redeem my vouchers?

Once you’ve got your voucher arrives you then need to take it to a Post Office or PayPoint shop (click the links to find your nearest) to add it to your gas or electricity top-up key or card.


I’ve heard I need photo-ID but I don’t have any – what do I do?

Not all energy suppliers need photo ID. Check this list  to see what forms of ID your energy company requires .


I haven’t received my vouchers

You should have received your October voucher by now by post or email. If you haven’t received it contact your energy supplier as soon as you can.


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