Stay & Play Sessions at Hampden Children’s Centre and St Pancras Community Association


The Library of Things said:

“If you’re thinking about ways to save in the run up to Christmas, renting instead of buying is a great way to keep clutter down and spend less on wasteful purchases.

“Whether you need tools to do DIY fixes that will reduce your winter heating bill, are looking to make your own presents and decorations, or need cleaning kit to spruce up the house before your family arrives – Library of Things is there to help Camden residents get the items they need for less.

“We’ve already helped Camden resident save £100,000 by renting items instead of buying them brand new.” Over 2,000 people from across the borough have now borrowed 3,000 items, ranging from cleaning, DIY and gardening tools to items for cooking and events. The Library of Things has also helped people share practical skills like DIY and repair with others in the community.

The Library of Things offers over 30 useful household, DIY and gardening items for residents to borrow for as little as £1.50 a day. Residents can save a further 25% with the concession discount too.

Residents can reserve items online ready to collect from a self- service kiosk. For more information visit:

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