Stay & Play Sessions at Hampden Children’s Centre and St Pancras Community Association

Road Safety Week

  New data shows significant improvements in road safety in London since the introduction of 20mph speed limits TFL 13 February 2023 At sites monitored on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), collisions involving a vulnerable road user have decreased by 36 per cent, while collisions resulting in death or serious injury have decreased by 25 per cent after speed limits were […]

Finding Childcare in Camden

It can be really challenging finding childcare. Knowing what is right for you and your family can take a while to work out. This EY Alliance article on How to choose the right childcare and early years education can help you to learn about all the different types of childcare, how to make a shortlist and questions […]

Camden Dads

Becoming a dad or being a male carer may really change who you are and your lifestyle.   When dads and male carers spend time with their children,and know about children’s development they… • Have a closer bond with their child • Talk and play more with their child • Are more confident as a […]

Half Term Activities – October 2023

This October half term holiday activities will take place from Monday 23 October 2023 to Friday 27 October 2023. For other alternative children and young people activities visit Camden Rise.   If you would like to attend an activity: advance registration is required for all sessions drop-in places are not available on the day once you […]

Are you a young parent?

Are you aged 24 years old or younger? Do you live in Camden? Are you about to become a dad or mum do you already have a child under five? If you answered yes to all of these questions then the Young Parents Team (YPT) could support you. The YPT offers emotional support and help […]

Family Learning Festival

What is the Family Learning Festival? Family Learning Festival is a national celebration which marks and inspires a love of learning in family life. It takes place in October every year. Learning as a family can help us to become confident, lifelong learners with all the benefits that brings – from better health to being […]

Get your child vaccinated against flu this Winter

Flu is caused by the influenza virus. It can be a very unpleasant illness for children. It can also lead to serious problems, such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Children can catch and spread flu easily. Vaccinating them also protects others who are vulnerable to flu, such as babies and older people. The children’s nasal spray flu vaccine is […]

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