Stay & Play Sessions at Hampden Children’s Centre and St Pancras Community Association


Learning to talk: 0 to 6 months

Learning to talk: 0 to 6 months Babies and young children love it when you chat, play and read with them, even if you think they’re too young to understand. You can turn almost anything into a game. And every little thing you do together will help set them up nicely for the day they […]

Easter Holiday Activities and Food programme 2024

The Camden Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Easter programme will run from 2 to 12 April 2024. It is open for children and young people aged 5 to 16 who live in Camden and are eligible for free school meals. The programme offers free, fun activities and nutritional education, including: learning to make healthy meals creative […]

Talking to your baby or child when out and about – The Walk & Talk Trail

Make the most of everyday opportunities to chat with your baby or toddler while you are out and about. It will help them to develop their speech and communication skills. The new Walking Trail from the Literacy Trust is a great resource to get you started on making everyday trips a learning experience for your […]

Home is where the start is: an online family festival of fun and learning

Home is where the start is: an online family festival of fun and learning / Latest News / By LCFC Admin Home is where the start is: Communication counts An online festival of fun and learning for the whole family! Our free online family festival celebrates your role of parents and carers as your child’s first and most […]

Camden Winter Services

If you are in urgent need of support to access food, please visit Camden’s Find Food website, to find your nearest community organisations providing food near you. You can also call us to discuss your needs on 020 7974 4444 (option 9).   Accessing food banks and community food hubs To access a food bank you may need food […]

The Library of Things – Camden’s festive friend

The Library of Things said: “If you’re thinking about ways to save in the run up to Christmas, renting instead of buying is a great way to keep clutter down and spend less on wasteful purchases. “Whether you need tools to do DIY fixes that will reduce your winter heating bill, are looking to make […]

Road Safety Week

  New data shows significant improvements in road safety in London since the introduction of 20mph speed limits TFL 13 February 2023 At sites monitored on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), collisions involving a vulnerable road user have decreased by 36 per cent, while collisions resulting in death or serious injury have decreased by 25 per cent after speed limits were […]

Finding Childcare in Camden

It can be really challenging finding childcare. Knowing what is right for you and your family can take a while to work out. This EY Alliance article on How to choose the right childcare and early years education can help you to learn about all the different types of childcare, how to make a shortlist and questions […]

Camden Dads

Becoming a dad or being a male carer may really change who you are and your lifestyle.   When dads and male carers spend time with their children,and know about children’s development they… • Have a closer bond with their child • Talk and play more with their child • Are more confident as a […]

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