Stay & Play Sessions at Hampden Children’s Centre and St Pancras Community Association


It’s Infant Mental Health Week

Every day in the UK we will welcome about 2,000 babies to the world. Many of these babies will have happy, stable childhoods, but not all babies are so lucky. Babies’ brains grow rapidly in the first years of life, and their development is shaped by their environments and experiences. Babies are reliant on their […]

27th January is Camden Great Mental Health Day 2023

Sign up to an online event organised by Thrive LDN and Good Thinking to mark Great Mental Health Day 2023. In a year that’s remained challenging for many of us, it has been our communities, friends and families which have played the most important role in in getting us through difficult times together. Great Mental […]

Get The Medical Advice You Need With 111

We’ve all heard on the TV and radio just how busy the NHS is at the moment. Calling NHS 111 can help you find the right service for you without even leaving the comfort of your home. NHS 111 online will not give you a diagnosis, but will direct you to the best place to get help […]

Strep A – What You Need To Know

You may have heard the very sad news reports about young children dying from Strep A. Although it is extremely worrying, knowing all you can about it, how to spot it and what to do next will help to keep you and your child safe.   What is Strep A? Strep A is a bacteria […]

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